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Whether your industry is Mil/Aero, Space, Aviation, Marine, Shipboard, Energy, Oil, Mining, Transportation, Automotive, Commercial, Telecom, Broadcom, Data Centers, Transit, Rail, Healthcare, Medical, Heavy Industry, Industrial, or Racing/Performance, we are your direct source for connectors and related accessories.


Expedience is our number one goal!  In a commodity and industry that is known for long lead times, delayed responses, and non-technical assistance capabilities, we were created and built solely for the purpose of getting you what you need immediately in a professional, knowledgeable, and personal manner.


With decades of combined connector and electro-mechanical product experience, we pride ourselves in being more than data entry customer service reps. Anyone can input a part number and submit a price. But can they do it immediately and let you know what the mating connector is? Or advise a backshell, quadrax contact, cover, dummy receptacle, etc…, for your needs/application? We can. Give us a try.

We are ready to help you find what you are looking for…

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TrueCo is the perfect solution for all of my connector needs. R.S.

Anytime I need to have a custom fiber optic connector made, I contact TrueCo.