Spanning 2 decades within the electro-mechanical industry, the founders of TrueCo worked for mom n’ pop brokerage shops in the 90’s to eventually working for one of the world’s largest distributors in the 2010’s. It was through these decades it became known what customers require to make their job’s easier. Sadly however, it was too difficult to maintain simple day to day customer relations due to the “red tape” being at a massive corporation. Losing customers left and right because of delayed lead times, no inventory built per customer requirements, no communication within the shipping dept or production dept, missing information within the protocols of sales, etc…, these issues boiled over and relationships were lost along with supply chain. So it was immediately quite clear to the founders of TrueCo what they had to do. Build a company solely based on honesty, integrity, and service. And do it with production, lead times, inventory, and customer requirements in mind. It’s that simple. We are here to build what you need, when you need it, and do it with a customer service from a time when people cared about service and not just your dollar.

AS/ISO Certified Company

TrueCo is an AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 certified business registered by NSF-ISR.

Small Woman Owned Business

TrueCo is proud to be certified a SWOB.

Honesty. Integrity. Service.

We pride ourselves in these three words. It is not only our motto but our way of business. You’ll see why.

Authorized Distributor

TrueCo is an Authorized Distributor for RMS, QPC Fiber, Ulti-Mate, and many more. Handling all connectors and related accessories.